Clay Hutson View on Technology and Productivity in Music Industry

Music is one of the fastest growing investment niches for the last three decades. Clay Hutson is one of the professionals that have been instrumental for this growth and many pundits refer him as the father of professional events management. For the last decade, Hutson has been instrumental for both events management and is one of the people that have been keen on improving the quality of sound engineering in the music industry. Due to his expertise in this industry, he has been part of some of the biggest musical events in the USA and festivals. According to him, musical events and festivals have unmatched potential.

Clay Hutson’s journey started as an employee to events companies in the vast live performance industry. During this active employment period, Hutson points out that this was a period where he has learned a lot about the music industry and what it takes for an investment to be successful. After working with many companies in events organization and being exposed to music engineering industry, Clay Hutson felt that it was his time to venture in the music industry and give the industry a different touch. In the years he has been part of the industry, Hutson has been one of the people that have strengthened the industry systems.

Clay Hutson, however, points out that running his company has made him have a different perception of the music industry. In a recent interview, Hutson pointed out that working under a label and running a venture are two different realities. However, with the right approach to work, the experience has been a game changer for him. According to Hutson, having a definite routine every morning is important for the company’s productivity. For example, his typical days start at 6 a.m. and starting a day at this particular time gives him the best time to handle administrative issues within the company before handling other important operations with his company.

Although Clay Hutson is one of the best sound engineers in the music industry, he points out that embracing technology has been his secret to remaining relevant in this industry. Just like other industries, the music industry is constantly changing. In the last 36 months, Hutson points out that his approach to operations have changed and this will continue in 2019.