The Reason Sunday Riley Created Sunday Riley

Sunday Riley debuted Sunday Riley to the world in 2009. In less than a decade, the chemist turned skincare company founder has transformed the lives of many women. Many women proclaim how these products have helped their skin in so many ways. These products are surely what they cost. From cleansers to creams, Sunday Riley has perfected Sunday Riley into being a brand that offers a woman every essential item she needs to care for her skin.

Sunday Riley purposely created her brand with minimalistic packaging. The packaging keeps things simple and concise. The focus is on the products and formulations. The packaging clearly explains each product and its benefits to your skin. Her focus is not attractive packaging but rather productive packaging.

The chemist is a smart businesswoman. She has been able to keep her products within a certain price range due to how the testing of formulas are done by herself. Not having to pay extra scientists and other research teams keeps the products from being as expensive as other brands in this category. She charges customers what her products are worth. She does not believe in overcharging like many other companies. She prides herself on producing quality products that solve some of the most stubborn skincare issues women face.

Sunday Riley is a creative businesswoman. When she first launched the brand, her marketing budget was slim. Thus, she contacted influencers on social media. This turned out to be a good idea. Having influencers advertise the brand on their pages to interested buyers paid off well. Influencers were extremely more cost effective than other forms of advertising. Using influencers also gave her brand the social proof needed to secure this is a trustworthy brand in the minds of consumers. Since the debut launch back in 2009, Sunday Riley has become extremely popular and successful skincare company.

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