The rise and rise of Guilherme Paulus.

Guilherme Paulus is the current president of the Board of advisers at CVC Brasil and GJP. He has overseen the growth of the two companies over the years to where they are today. When he first ventured in employment, he was barely eighteen. He began his career journey as an intern at IBM at a time when he had just realized his parents would not afford to pay for his medical school tuition fee. He was however determined that despite this temporary setback he would build himself up one way or the other. As time went by, he realized computers were not his, and it is at this point that he decided that once he left IBM, he would try and his another venture into business.

After leaving IBM, he went to work at Casa Faro. Here, he met Carlos Vicente Cerchiari who was a state deputy at the time. They shared ideas and soon after Carlos would inform him of his dream to open of opening a tourism agency. This is how CVC was born. Since Guilherme Paulus did not have much to invest, he would earn his share by working at CVC almost for free. This continued for four years until Carlos left to go and pursue other interest. At only 24 Guilherme Paulus had to figure out how to run the agency now that he was alone. Over the years he was able to incorporate his business ideas and slowly the company started making a profit.

As CVC grew, entrepreneur Guilherme Paulus realized that the tourism industry needed something else. The hospitality industry was not well catered for, and this is how GJP was born. Guilherme Paulus wholly owns the network of hotels that owns more twenty hotels and resorts. They have been able to expand to virtually every big city and tourist destination in Brazil and are still growing. Some of the areas where their hotels and resorts can be found include Rio de Janeiro, Maceió, Salvador, Recife, and São Paulo. Despite being named one of the richest men in BraziL, Paulus still wants to invest more in the tourism industry where he says his heart and soul lie.

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