Things you need to know about Serge Belamant

Technology has changed many things in today’s modern world. Serge Belamant is one of the inventors of blockchain technology. Born in 1953, the duo moved to South Africa with his parents while he was still at the age of 14. He always had a passion for technology, and he believed in his abilities to change the world through using his knowledge. He has achieved a lot over the year, and he is the founder of a significant number of companies. Besides, he has also created employment opportunities for many people that show exceptional skills in his areas of interest. Read more on

As a successful entrepreneur, Serge Belamant has always shared his word of thought with other people that show interest in making it in their lives. The duo is a critical thinker and he believes that entrepreneurship and success is a psychological thing. Serge Belamant believes that everyone that ought to invest in the latter must first think about it and critically analyses the possible risks and success entailed in it. Over the years, he has shown exemplary behavior and a lot of commitment towards meeting all his plans. Being a go-getter, the duo has also striven to work together with other people that have been successful in their lives.

Serge Belamant first founded the Net1 UEPS Technologies firm, which was a technological firm that focused towards on electronic payment systems. The firm brought a high impact on the banking industry and a vast number of people highly benefited from the modern and revolutionized modes of payments. His career continued to flourish and he gained a lot of fame through the innovative ideas he brought to life at a time when technology was not so popular. The duo continued to advance his discoveries and he later founded the Net1 firm. Through the firm, he has brought a whole new way of making payments as well as receiving them. The firm has already attracted the attention of many people and it has bought convenience in the way people carry out their activities. Serge Belamant career has continued to flourish and he believes that in the coming years, he will bring more advancements to the world.