What Really Happens Inside an OSI Group McDonalds Factory

Many people are concerned about how the burgers for McDonald’s are made. They are unsure of what the ingredient list includes and people have even done their own experiments to the brothers and have found fascinating results. David Whipple left a burger in his cupboard for 14 years and found it in pretty much the same state as when he first placed it there. This has led many to think that they are packed full of preservatives. McDonald’s has stated that their burgers and fries do not contain preservatives despite what most people seem to think.

Business Insider recently made a trip to Germany in order to take a tour of an OSI Group McDonalds Factory to find out exactly how the burgers are made and what is on them once and for all.

The OSI Group McDonalds Factory is very large, about the size of a soccer field, and about 90% of the production of this factory is for McDonald’s. Once inside, the OSI Group McDonalds Factory everything smells like beef but hygiene is very important, and even the visitors have to wear protective clothing and wash their hands. Employees are not allowed to work if they are sick, either, in order to prevent any contamination of the food processed there. Plastic pens are also not allowed and are replaced with metal ones in the event that one ends up in the beef it will be caught by a metal detector.

Large meat comes in and then is placed in large containers before being transported to the correct area of the factory and ground up. The meat is blended very fine to ensure that no pieces of bone are left behind. Then, another machine creates patties from the meat, and they are frozen. This OSI Group McDonalds Factory produces around 30 million hamburgers every week. To ensure quality control, random burgers are tested in a kitchen that looks like a McDonald’s kitchen. A Century of Innovation at OSI Group. The burgers are then packaged up and packed into boxes before being wrapped in plastic and shipped next door to the distribution factory and then to McDonald’s.

For details: www.glassdoor.com/Salary/OSI-Group-LLC-Salaries-E19677.htm